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We specialize in high-security off-site data backups for individuals and companies that care about their data. Usually, the most valuable data is irreplaceable without a proper backup. This is why it's imperative to backup your data off-site and often.

Whether you are a healthcare provider looking to comply with the federal HIPAA regulations or another professional trying to simply protect his personal or company data, our backup service is the right choice. Please check the list of features and find out why we are better than the competition. [ read more ]

Standard Backup

Currently Not Available

  • From 1 GB Storage Space
  • Several backup types
  • Backup all your networked PCs

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RSYNC Backup

Starts at just $4.95

  • From 1 GB Storage Space
  • Fastest backups
  • Backup all your networked PCs

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RSYNC/Mirroring Backup
By choosing this backup type you will simply mirror the contents of your chosen directories to our secure backup servers for quick and easy retrieval. The fastest backup type of all. The RSYNC backup software is included. [ read more ]

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"Thanks to Net-Backup.com our valuable data is always protected. The signup and the setup process were fast and easy. I am extremely satisfied with every aspect of your service and would recommend it to anyone."

Roy A. - Miami, FL

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